As an artist my mission is to utilize my cross-cultural upbringing and to draw from my experiences of uprootedness, uncertainty and loss in order to help forge -through storytelling- a world of tolerance, change and forgiveness.

As a child, Pascui's first skateboard was a "Mike Mcgill" by Powell Peralta (this one is re-issue).

As a child, Pascui's first skateboard was a "Mike Mcgill" by Powell Peralta (this one is re-issue).

By the time Pascui started directing professionally, he had already worked for a plumbing company; sold ice-cream on a bicycle; and paid for his film studies teaching English as a Second Language in Argentina.

Pascui Rivas was born in New York City. After a series of trips back and forth from Manhattan to Cordoba—Pascui joined his mother, a New York classical ballerina, and returned to her hometown, Villa Maria, a small village in the Argentine pampas. It is there that Pascui grew up.

At age nineteen, he temporarily set aside his passion for composing and recording music, in pursuit of a visual art form that would allow him to both, shape the intense experiences of up-rootedness, change and loss lived as a child, and to honor and compare the idiosyncrasy of life in Argentina with his equally intriguing first-world background. Pascui graduated from an five-year Film Directing program at Cordoba’s National University where he directed EL SERENO (The Night Watchman) as his thesis assignment. Conceived as a film noir essay, El Sereno examines the displacement of the elderly in Argentina by means of a metaphoric crime tale with an expressionistic style.

El Sereno was the Winner of the Kodak Film School Competition and was selected by legendary cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs to represent Argentina at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

Throughout Pascui’s work, it is the simplicity that lies beneath the mundane and the beauty hidden in “ordinary” people, that becomes a recurring motif of exploration. Driven by his undeviating curiosity of the elderly and his fascination with undiscovered lives Pascui directs and edits his documentary short JEAN LEWIS (Tribeca & Los Angeles Film Festival), in which we discover the lonely soul of an elderly building manager and former female Hollywood reporter who was connected to some of most renowned stars of the 60's and 70's.

His enthusiasm navigating all forms of storytelling (narrative, documentary, advertising) moved him to study screen-writing with Academy Award Nominee Guillermo Arriaga.

For over a decade Pascui has been shaping the U.S. Hispanic Market, directing national campaigns and winning the most prestigious awards, including the first Cannes “Lion” in the history of advertising agency Conill Saatchi & Saatchi, a “Gold Medal” at the New York Festivals, and a “Best of Show” at the AdAge Awards for a film he directed for UNICEF. He has directed work featuring Latin American artists such as Soledad Pastorutti, ChocQuibTown, Camila, and Natalia Lafourcade.

Chosen by the DGA (Director’s Guild of America) among a select group as a protégé for the Diversity Directors Initiative; and mentored by Pilot Director David Semel Pascui is venturing into the world of episodic television, both as a director and as the creator of his own dramatic series, THE ANGLES.

Pascui's feature debut documentary ORDINARY GODS (Fox Studios) explores the fragile, human side of professional soccer players and recently premiered at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

At present Pascui is in post for his second documentary feature "MANDE."