anatomy of an absence

(anatomía de una ausencia)


one afternoon, walking in my hometown villa maría, i "accidentally" met with my friend eric on the street. i complemented on his slim figure and he expressed his happiness because, for the first time in his life, he actually did look like marcos, his twin brother. -- he told me he had been writing poetry for a few years and he was about to publish a book. he explained to me that all the poems in this book were inspired by his work at the public hospital, which had recently been evacuated due to its impoverished conditions. since i wouldn't be able to attend to the book's presentation, I offered to make a video he could project during the event.

just a few weeks later, eric learned he had cancer. hence the weight loss.

eric was able to present his book in front of the largest crowd that can possibly attend a cultural event of this nature. i, myself, want to believe to have been there as well, through the video they projected -- i miss you very much eric. thank you for being there on the sidewalk that morning, sitting still, waiting for me to confuse you with your brother, and happy to learn it was indeed yourself.